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Family-owned construction company

Clader Homes is a family-owned construction company that has provided custom-built homes to Palestine, TX since 2014.

Their work is characterized by an attention to detail unsurpassed by other East Texas home builders. When you hire Clader Homes to build your custom house, you can expect a team of builders dedicated to making your dream home a reality.

Curtis Clader and his wife Megan have extensive experience in home construction and strive to make the design and build process as fluid and transparent as possible. They’ll ensure that you’re involved in the process every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a home builder that will share your vision and make your dream home a reality, then Clader Homes is the custom house builder you need.

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New Custom Homes in Palestine, TX

Clader Homes has extensive experience designing and building custom houses in Palestine, TX. Clader Homes knows that you have a lot of options when it comes to custom builders. That’s why they offer a personal touch with all of their clients that larger construction companies can’t manage.

Curtis and Megan understand that you’re putting your trust and money--not to mention hopes and dreams--into your new custom home. Their experience in custom home construction can help you navigate the whole process while adhering to the vision for your custom home.

If you’ve been dreaming about a custom house, Clader Homes can make that dream a reality.

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Home Remodeling & Renovations in Palestine, TX

Clader Homes is also available for home renovations in Palestine. They’re able to help with everything from a simple bathroom remodel to a complete house renovation.

A remodeling job can be disruptive to you and your family. That’s why Curtis and Megan bring the same craftsmanship and precision to house remodeling as they do to construction. They’ll make sure that your renovation project is executed flawlessly.

If it’s time to update your house, Clader Homes can help.

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Home Additions in Palestine, TX

If it’s time to add a sunroom to your home or a bedroom for your growing family, Clader Homes can help. Curtis and Megan have provided solutions for home additions to Palestine since 2014.

Clader Homes’ exceptionally detail-oriented development process and precise project management will ensure that your home addition is executed flawlessly--on time and on budget.

They’ll work with you to make sure that your new room not only meets your expectations but matches the style of your home, no matter the type of house.

If you need a new room or on-site building on your property, Clader Homes can help.

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Making dreams come true

Contact Curtis and Megan for a consultation and see how Clader Homes can help make that dream a reality.

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