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Curtis and Megan Clader have been building custom homes in Bullard since 2014. At the heart of their business is the firm belief that they’re doing more than building houses. They’re building homes and all the things that encompass a home: hope, dreams, and family.

That’s why the team at Clader Homes will ensure that every detail of your custom home is exactly how you dreamed it. From the design phase to move-in day, they’ll work tirelessly to ensure not only that your custom house is perfect but that the process is transparent and simple.

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New Custom Homes in Bullard, TX

The team at Clader Homes has extensive experience providing custom home building services to Bullard and East Texas. There are a lot of home builders around Bullard. That’s why Clader Homes strives to provide top-notch, customer-focused service.

When you build a custom home with Clader Homes, you can expect a team of construction professionals dedicated to making your dream of a custom home a reality. They’ll work with you through every step of the building process to ensure no detail is overlooked.

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Home Remodeling & Renovations in Bullard, TX

In addition to custom home building services, Clader Homes can help with interior and exterior remodels. Just as they would with a custom home, the team at Clader Homes strives to ensure that your remodeling project is smooth and transparent.

Home remodels can be disruptive to your family and home life. The experienced team of construction managers at Clader Homes will work tirelessly to ensure that your home remodel not only meets your every expectation but also disturbs you and your family as little as possible.

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Home Additions in Bullard, TX

If it’s time to add a sunroom, third bedroom, or other major addition to your home, Clader Homes can help. The team at Clader Homes has been providing home additions to Bullard since 2014, and their experience will ensure that the home addition is completed exactly to specification.

The detail-focused team at Clader Homes will not only ensure that your new room or onsite building is perfect, but they’ll also ensure that it suits the rest of your home’s exterior and landscaping. No detail will be overlooked, no matter how small.

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Let us Build the Home of Your Dreams

If you have an idea for a custom home or a renovation, contact Curtis and Megan for a consultation and see how Clader Homes can help make that dream a reality.

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